The Advantages of Using Wooden Conservatories

There are many benefits to using wooden conservatories, including the aesthetic pleasure of a well designed piece of garden furniture. There is something about wooden outdoor living spaces that brings to mind those popular Victorian style houses. These homes would have been built in wood, with all their features and fittings. The difference today is that modern conservatories are usually much more efficient and require less maintenance than traditional homes would have required. However, they are still constructed from wood, just as they were centuries ago.

Wooden conservatories are usually double-glazed windows and have a very low U-factor. The lower the U factor, the better the thermal insulation of the conservatories in your wooden conservatory can retain. Cold edge spacer bars and double weather seals increase energy efficiency and keep drafts out, while warm edge and high-U-seal caps reduce noise wooden conservatories.

Timber windows and conservatories can also have internal heating systems installed so they can be heated during the winter months, rather than relying on gas or electricity to heat up the home. Most wood heating systems are small and portable, meaning they can be moved around if necessary. This can make moving the conservatory from one property to another much easier. Wooden conservatories are also ideal for those who are concerned about the amount of light their conservatory receives, as well as being much more aesthetically pleasing than most other options.

Wood is a renewable resource, which means that it is an excellent green option to invest in. As it stands, forests continue to be cut down in many parts of the world in order to make way for new development. Some people have even claimed to have ‘saved’ rainforests, and even used some parts of these forests to build houses. With these sustainable developments in place, more people are becoming interested in going green.

Wood is also extremely long lasting and can be left outside throughout the year without damage. In fact, it is so long lasting that some conservatories can even be left outside for over fifty years before being moved indoors. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and character of the outdoors year round even after you have brought your conservatory inside to enjoy the warmth of your new house conservatories.

Wood conservatories provide a great place to sit and enjoy the beauty of nature. With wood, there is no need for artificial plants or furniture. As long as you use a light covering on the conservatory to protect it against the wind, you are safe from insects and other problems. However, you should still be sure to keep it free of debris, and plant food plots around it, as these can be an attractive way to attract insects and pests.


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